September 1, 2014

New Pedigree Stackerz Dog Treats

Pedigree® has come out with their latest dog treats, Pedigree Stackerz™ which deliver real meat as the number one ingredient.  You can choose from three meaty flavor combinations:
  • Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavor: Double the meaty flavor with this filet mignon and bacon combo for a doubly appetizing taste, in one tasty treat.
  • Grilled Chicken & NY Strip Flavor: A perfect pairing of tastes, grilled chicken and beef is sure to satisfy every dog's deepest craving.
  • Smoky Bacon & Cheddar Flavor: This smoky bacon and cheddar flavor is every dog's mouth-watering fantasy.

What I love about these dog treats is that they are the perfect treat for people that have dogs of different sizes like me.  I can give my larger black lab a whole treat while breaking off pieces for my smaller beagle.  Both of them LOVED the flavors and I could barely get a picture of the treat because Milo was jumping up on me and Vince kept making noises to let me know he wanted one.  They were definitely a HUGE hit in this house !!!

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