May 26, 2013

Sea World Antarctica Empire of the Penguin is Officially Open

I got to attend the opening day ceremony on 5/24/13 for Sea World Antarctica Empire of the Penguin which was just so amazing. The crowd had so much energy and excitement as they watched the ceremony and the turn out was HUGE.  Because I was one of the first 700 fans through the front gate I got a special Sea World Antarctica bracelet.

You can GO HERE to watch a video I took of award-winning country artist Lauren Alaina singing the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin theme song during the opening ceremony.


Once they declared the ride as open, everyone raced to get in line to experience this one of a kind attraction.  You will first watch a couple preshow films to set the storyline and then you choose between a WILD Exploration or a MILD Exploration (which will determine how much your vehicle will spin, bounce and move around). 


Once the ride comes to an end, you’ll step out and explore the colony of nearly 250 penguins in a frosty temperature of 30 degrees.  This amazing area contains 3 levels of viewing with floor-to-ceiling windows where you will get to watch the underwater action of these “flightless” birds in the nearly 170,000-gallon saltwater pool.


Make sure you spend some time walking around the courtyard and check out all that it offers including the Glacial Collecions gift shop, Expedition Café, hunting for hidden shamus and manta rays and building the Cup the Cares.   
Hidden Shamu (Can you see it?)

As we were enjoying lunch, we got to take the "penguin pledge" and learn the penguin dance with one of the cast members. She also folded a dollar bill into a penguin which was really cute !!!
As I was about to leave, I saw Puck walking around so I had to get my picture taken with him. Isn't he just so adorable !?!?! And did you notice that I wore black and white to show my penguin pride.

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