December 4, 2013

Will You Help the Mines Advisory Group

Since 1989, Mines Advisory Group (MAG) has worked in over 35 countries to remove remnants of war, such as landmines and unexploded bombs, saving the lives of thousands each year in places like Vietnam and Iraq. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, MAG’s leading priority is to protect the lives and well-being of the most vulnerable individuals in contaminated areas by providing risk education and removing deadly weapons around the world.

Sadly, children are often the most vulnerable since they are curious and find these unexploded bombs on ground surfaces when they play – sometimes in an area of their own backyards covered by shrubs.  Children make up 30 to 40% of victims.

WHY MAG’S WORK IS CRITICAL TO SAVE LIVES: When MAG clears items, people can then use that land to farm or build roads for commerce or build schools.  Many of the areas MAG clears such as Vietnam and Laos have items left over from U.S. bombings that ended over 40 years ago.  A whole generation has had to live in fear because of these American remnants of war.
MAG hires many women and people with disabilities to do this work so that MAG can support people who typically have few job prospects in these poor countries.  These women and people with disabilities are heroes in their community.

From July 2012 to May 2013, MAG cleared and destroyed more than 300,000 landmines and items of unexploded ordnance.  And because of this, more than 700,000 people were able to farm, build homes and schools and travel without fear of injury.  For more information, please visit

I would like you to consider donating $26 which will fund a deminer for a day of work clearing landmines and unexploded bombs in Laos, Vietnam, Iraq, Cambodia, or many other countries where we work.  Through the end of the year, each donation will be matched by a group of MAG’s most supportive donors so that the value of each donation can go even further.   Donations can be made at

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